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Holiday Decorating

Spreading Holiday Cheer is a bonus perk at  Tumbleweed Designs by Sota Lake Properties. We can come in and "Deck your Halls"......and your living room and your kitchen and your bedrooms and your porch :) We begin with a consultation to hear exactly what you are looking for to prepare your home or business for the holidays. We can either completely refresh your old holiday decor or use what you currently have in a whole new way... and many times, a little of each! There are enough stresses around the holidays getting ready for family including cleaning, preparing food and gifts... leave the decorating to us. Let us trim your tree, select rooms, or your entire home!

Interior Painting & Color Coordination

Interior Painting is such a satisfying services for me as it is an instant gratification of change. A color of a room can change the entire feel... it is the base, the backdrop, the canvas of a beautiful project! I start with a paint consultation where we walk through the areas discussing an estimate, starting and stopping points, colors, sheens, and timelines. We then schedule your painting project upon approval.  


Interior Decorating

My absolute favorite service to offer is Interior Decorating. I love how a room can be transformed from an empty room, to a home which represents the homeowner, their style and their comforts! I work very hard to get to know your style, budget and needs prior to your project. I also work very hard to provide materials at an affordable price. A well designed space does not need to cost an arm and a leg... it needs to fit you and your budget! 



Staging is a services I feel so strongly about because I believe it really works! I have seen it change the Lake Property Vacation Rentals we have dramatically. It helps generate so much more interest, bookings and great reviews. Every property we stage has been turned around. I love helping not only the seller, but the buyer and the listing agent as well! I am always in awe of the difference a home's first impressions can make once we are done. So often times a house sits on the market far too long, simply because of a few necessary cosmetic changes. Not everyone has the vision, imagination, or desire to change a property and would love a turn-key property. I can help pre or post property sales. I work with Realtors, FSBO, and more. 


Interior Design

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