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My Story

Welcome to Tumbleweed Designs. I want to start by explaining a bit about how I got here. When I was 21 years old I started my own Interior Design Business. After years of hard work and success in the design industry, I decided to take another route, sell my business & soak in my kiddos. 

I used my creativity and experience in design and began designing jewelry which allowed me to express my creativity and share it with others during my break from interiors. 


The creative world is my passion and I wanted to help people in these areas and as one of my dear clients told me prior to passing away, "Life is too short to NOT live it in color!" Five years later I followed my passion for Design and started another company called Tumbleweed Designs, llc "All Things Creative!" 

I have now been asked to merge my Design Services with Sota Lake Properties which is a PEFECT FIT! Please go check out our site at We offer Lake Home Rentals | Property Management | Design Services | Water & Marine Rentals | Cleaning Services. 

I would be honored to be your creative go-to for "ALL THINGS CREATIVE!" I am a Tumbleweed... dispersing my seeds of creativity along the way!

Thank you to my wonderful supportive friends and family: Jesse, Brayden & Brooklyn 


Working hard for something you don't care about is called "stress." Working hard for something you love is called "passion."


Jen A. Perham, Mn


I have had Danielle as my interior designer for a number of years now and have been extremely happy with her abilities to give our home a fresh new look each year. She has also done our landscaping and although she currently can not do design in our area due to her non-compete until June 2020...she will shine in all the other areas I just know it!

Tina, Minneapolis Bride


"My husband and I were so lucky to be able to work with Danielle for our wedding planning, decorating and flowers. She made it all fun, exciting and completely stress free. She took time to understand my style and create my dream wedding. The attention to detail was above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. 

Angie, Windom, Mn Jewelry Customer





They are Beautiful!! I bought some gorgeous pieces and I would highly recommend these! Perfect and one of a kind gifts!

Kristin McMartin, Perham, KM Photography

Danielle, you are seriously amazing! I love all of your work!! Spread your wings girl. Super proud of you!

Echo South, Mn Jewelry Customer
I did some Christmas shopping with Tumbleweed Designs. It was quick & easy. Some beautiful pieces being shipped... may have bought an extra one for myself! For your Jewelry needs, check out Tumbleweed Designs. Thank you Danielle so much!

The whole Sota Lake Properties team is fantastic! I've been struggling to get my family's lake property rented for years and within a few months of meeting Darin and Danielle, it's already generating income!! And WOW does it look great. They were honest, friendly, affordable and caring. Thanks Guys!!
Wendy Papasan, Texas Sota Lake Properties/TWD Client
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